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What Is Pitiscoin

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Pitiscoin is a virtual currency or otherwise known as digital currency in form of crypto (currency) adapted from the blockchain decentralization process based on ERC20 token, which offers many advantages plus transparency in managing crypto currency in every matter that involves Pitiscoin.

Pitiscoin is available via its own virtual wallet, MyPitisWallet which was introduced last April 2018, for a more efficient crypto currency management. Pitiscoin’s official website is www.pitiscoin.asia while MyPitisWallet is at www.mypw.io. The virtual wallet is offered for free, no hidden cost of registration etc for all accounts registered. An interesting point for this wallet, it supports multicrypto buying and selling activities, not only Pitiscoin. It has the feature to enable direct payment for Merchants with prior registration with MyPitisWallet.

Pitiscoin can be found for trading activities at few listed Exchangers such as coinexchange.io and nucex.io .

Pitiscoin is now listed in CoinmarketCap showing advancement in its move to get worldwide recognition. It will also enhance Pitiscoin’s reputation in crypto world overall, standing side by side with other established coins. More efforts in terms of technological advancement have been drafted for release.

With all that being said, Pitiscoin is for everyone who believes in Blockchain technology and crypto currency.

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